Zondag staat King of the Hill #4 op het spel. Het is forever vs. mouz|Z4muZ Datum: Zondag 12 Maart, 19:00 CET Shoutcast: iTG`ReDeYe IRC: [url=irc://irc.quakenet.org/koth.q4]#koth.q4[/url] Map1: [x:x] Map2: [x:x] Map3: (mocht dit nodig zijn: galang) Matchpreview (snippet) door sorax:
Match preview by sorax: Fredrik ”rvn” Rosell from the Danish multigaming-organisation Meet Your Makers was not a problem for our king forever. With a confident score of 2-0 (30-8, 31-7) forever proved once again that he will not give away his position on the thrown with ease. The challenger in the fourth edition of King of the Hill has a great gaming history and this match will probably (and hopefully) be the most intense and hard predicted battle this far in the history of KotH. Representing the German powerhouse Mousesports is the Swedish player Alexander “Z4muZ” Ihrfors.
Voor meer informatie en vorige winnaars kan hierheen gegaan worden. Succes forever!