De afgelopen drie edities van World Esports Games waren in Zuid-Korea. De organisatie van WEG heeft besloten om de structuur van het toernooi aan te passen en om het aankomende evenement op een andere locatie te organiseren. Het aankomende evenement heet WEG Masters 2006 en is gelocaliseerd in het Hangzhou Zhejiang University Yongqian Center te China. WEG Masters 2006 zal bijna een maand duren, het start 8 april en eindigt 7 mei 2006. Er is al bekend gemaakt dat er Live Internet Broadcasting zal zijn voor elke match, wat inhoud dat we naar live commentaar tijdens de matches kunnen luisteren. Op dit moment is bekend dat de volgende Counter Strike teams en WarCraft 3 spelers aanwezig zullen zijn op WEG Masters 2006: Counter-Strike: compLexity wNv 4Kings Catch-Gamer Project_kr NoA SK Gaming Warcraft 3: NiP-GoStop SK.Zacard mYm.Hanbit.Spirit_Moon WE.IGE.Sweet WE.IGE.Sky wNv.xiaOt 4K^Grubby 4K^ToD De officiele statement van World Esports Games:
WEG operating company (trees) World e-Sports Games (on behalf kang sek 17-19, ) Notice issued today : Highest in the history of the world -- competing specifications' WEG2006 MASTERS,4 August to May 7, will first attempt to translate the Chinese league. After screening and final selection of WEG told China Hangzhou Zhejiang University Yongqian center. Hangzhou is an internationally renowned "Oriental leisure capital" is the most economically developed cities. As the "2006 World Expo leisure," one official designation, WEG international electronic sports league with the brand of "natural Zhejiang, Nanjing Jiangnan" cultural image perfect combination of fully display the art electronic games charm. Zhejiang University is one of China's most famous institutions of higher learning such as integrated, and a good academic atmosphere and electronic games environment appears to be qualified Yongqian WEG have been held in the center of the international information forum, the Chinese Arts Festival high grades. WEG2006 vi will be turned out on April 8, 2005 from 48 World Championship winner, the runner-up player form a powerful team lineup will be in Hangzhou, China, for a period of one month league. All matches will be broadcast live through the Internet, (trees) WEG is willing to respect lovers around the world call him a spirit feasts. Unprecedented electronic games championship star who will compete in a Chinese call lovers and the media for a period of one month in which to survive the training, competition, and life, believe in a great commercial value to China also will be the future development of electronic games industry has far-reaching significance. And the issuance of tickets on league WEG other related activities in China, please refer to the follow-up news WEG China Organizing Committee Office : 01085910790 Mobile:13511090770 E-mail :