col.jpg compLexity heeft haar eigen spelers geïnterviewd, die afgelopen weekend 2e werden op CPL Spain . In totaal werden er maar liefst 19 vragen gesteld, waarbij ieder teamlid ( Storm , fRod , Warden , tr1p , sunman ) op elke vraag antwoord geeft. Maak je dus maar op voor wat leesvoer.
What was your biggest mistake in all of the matches in the tournament? (You personally, not the team) Storm : I remember one round in specific against mouz on cbble when I had an AWP in the back of B. I killed one guy, then they threw several flashes at me. Instead of dodging bullets until I could see and could continue to fight, I strafed to my right for cover. Once I was there I was useless to the team. I believe we could have won that round and the whole match would have been different. fRoD : I don’t think anyone caused a mistake to cost us a match or anything... so other than the fact I started off super slow vs. NiP, I can't think of anything specific. Warden : I don't make mistakes. Just kidding, I guess I would have to say last round of the T side vs. NiP, I made a bad strat call and we ended up getting rolled, STUPID ME! tr1p : Not packing a pair of boxers on my carry on bag. sunman : During some games it seemed like some of my shots weren't registering like they should be, so I would complain to myself. So may have affected my play thinking my shots weren't hitting right. Other than that things went well for me.
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