Nadat vorig weekend InsGaming FoM 8 had gewonnen samen met Mielle, hebben ze nu besloten Mielle in de lineup te adden. Ze hebben dit gedaan omdat zwik te inactive was en daardoor hun 6de man ciseta te vaak moest spelen, hierdoor hebben ze besloten om zwik uit de lineup te zetten en Mielle te adden. Hierdoor is de lineup van InsGaming alsvolgt: - Karel "Bax" Jannes - Jannick "duncan" De Thaeye - Matthias "ava" De Meulder - Björn "gotek" Verburgh - Ruben "Mielle" de Mil - Dries "ciseta" Van Houdt Door de lineup change hebben clubfnatic & Bax en Mielle geinterviewed. Hier een snippet van het clubfnatic interview met Bax:
There are rumours that zwik's motivation was dropped down, is that the reason for the addition of Mielle? The normal lineup would be: Bax, duncan, ava, gotek, zwik and ciseta as sixth player, but due to the high inactivity of zwik ciseta played a lot more with us then planned, therefore zwik became 6th. But because we see our 6th player as a last-minute replacement, and not as a part of a rotation, mielle will take zwik’s place in the lineup. He will most likely fit perfectly if you look at our good performance as a team on FoM.
Het gehele interview is hier te vinde. Hier een snippet van het Totalfreedom interview met Mielle:
You are now a part of the organisation, how do you fit in the team? I‘ve been in ins-gaming before, when it just started and no quite famous yet, so the management and me go way back, and i was in 6rota with Bax and duncan so i know what to expect from them and vise versa. Ava and ciseta i know from the belgian lans not really played with them before fom but they have awesome teamplay and a very good attitude.
Het gehele interview is hier te vinden. Ook hebben ze een kleine movie uitgebracht van het FoM 8 event de movie is hier te vinden. (registreren verplicht) Veel geluk & succes in de toekomst InsGaming !