Het welbekende team idle.ee, wat een tijdje geleden inactive is gegaan, heeft bekend gemaakt dat zij weer CoD2 op een competatief niveau zullen gaan spelen. Echter idle.ee heeft wel een paar lineupveranderingen ondergaan, wat voor hun erg zeldzaam is. wike en Jonzku zijn niet langer deel van het team, daarintegen is wiNkz het nieuwste lid van het team. Hun lineup ziet er nu als volgt uit: stim wiNkz Fuku Bax orphaN Een statement van orphaN :
idle^orphaN schreef:
Today 18.02.2006 us team-schoolgirlz are happy to announce that we are back to our old home, idle.ee. After our break which was really needed to get more motivation to CoD2 again, we formed a new team and started again with schoolgirlz. This team includes 5 known players from Call of Duty scenes from 1 to 2. Our 5 men lineup consists of: Jani "WinKZ" Saastamoinen Tero "Fuku" Ahlstedt Timo "stim" Arminen Ville "bax" Oikari Aki "orphaN" Ritvanen At that time when we reformed we were contacted by several multigaming clans. But when my good mate Night from idle.ee contacted me I knew we couldn't resist that offer and it is the best offer you can get for now. All of them are really nice guys and they can support us in every needed way so we didn't have a single doubt to join again. As I mentioned before the break, the split up of the older team had nothing to do with idle.ee organization so we are more than happy to be back. We are a new team, but we have really good motivation to practice and our next goals are level7 LAN in Helsinki in the beginning of March and also to secure our place in the european top5. We are also looking forward to attend all the upcoming top online events aswell as LAN events. So wish us luck and cya in the battlefield! Aki "orphaN" Ritvanen, leader of idle.ee Call of Duty 2 squad.
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