De Amerikaanse multigaming organisatie Check-Six, dat al eerder een source team onder haar hoede had, heeft een nieuw Source team aangekondigd. Dit nieuwe source team is het voormalige Powersgaming. Dit team verliet hun oude organisatie na enkele grote problemen met hun contracten. In hun nieuwe organisatie houden ze hun CAL-i plek en zullen ze proberen hun dominantie voort te zetten. De line-up ziet er nu als volgt uit: - Yazan "clowN" Ammari - Mohamed "mOE" Assad - Johnny "cLaRK" Clark - Trevor "p0s" Randolph - Laurent "Warmach1ne" Keoula
It is time again to announce another top team to Check Six Gaming, after several months of debate and search, we have finally stepped back into the Counter Strike Source scene. After CPL announced another Source tourney it only seemed right to send another team back to CPL for the Source tourney. This team has been together for the past 5 months and have proven to be a powerhouse in the Source community with several of them winning a CPL Championship, and most recent 2nd place at ATi Everlan Winter event behind Team 3D. We are proud to announce the following players to the team for Counter Strike Source.
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