Enkele uren geleden werd er bekend gemaakt dat Discipline.cod2 stopte. En vrijwel meteen gingen er geruchten rond dat ex-teamleider van Discipline.cod2, een nieuw huis had gevonden in Dignitas.cod2. Deze geruchten zijn enkele minuten geleden bevestigd, Raz is toegevoegd aan het team van Dignitas.cod2. Daarnaast zal Scouse nu hun 6de man worden. Het team ziet er nu als volgt uit Mick mo_OsE palmz Skipz raz Scouse Statement. Dignitas
We would like to welcome raz to the team, we are very pleased to have him in the team and we look forward to an even brighter future with him, the last few days have been good for us with the win in the EC and now we find a active 5th to replace scouse while he sorts life out in france. Scouse will now be our 6th player while he explores France and hopefully jumps off the eifel tower !
Statement. Raz
I have joined dignitas because, I feel it is the right step in COD2 for me to make and with this team i aim to achieve much as a strong and determined team. I'd like to thank mick for recruiting me and making me part of this organisation, shoutouts to dignitas uk community and my fans *waves*
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