Vandaag werd door de Junk52 Theatre organisatie bekend gemaakt dat er een vervolg komt op de geslaagde SKUNK52 Cup ! De datum waarop dit hele gebeuren plaats gaat vinden is nog niet bekend, vanwege de Arctic cup en de EC die natuurlijk nog in volle gang zijn. Er zal in ieder geval volgens het oude principe worden gewerkt, dat betekend dat er plaats zal zijn voor 32 teams . Deze teams zullen geselecteerd worden uit de signup lijst. In SKUNK52 #1 zagen we onder andere PC Gamer, Ocrana en WHO in actie. Ook de benelux werd vertegenwoordigd door Not-Identified, gmeX en Tek-9. De inschrijfdatum en meer informatie volgt zo spoedig mogelijk. Meer informatie vind je op de Junk52 website
Ok, everyone from the CoD community remembers the great online tournament hosted by Junk52 Theatre, the SKUNK52. A tourney, where 32 teams, selected from over 100 signed up clans, competed each other for the title of the champ of the skunkness. We got a lot of positive feedback from the first tourney, and now we have started the preparations for the seconds cup. We are still considering few things accoring the cup, but here is a list of decisions we have already made: -32 teams, FREE signup, invites will be done from the list of the signups. -Double elimination system -Seedings just like the last time. -Pistolround to decide which team starts as axis/allies. -Pistolround: Nades allowed, planting allowed, bash allowed. (You are NOT allowed to use a rifle as a starting gun, because of 3 nades. 1 or 2 nades are the maximum. (SNIPER / SMG)) We are still discussing about following things: -Should we have matchdays (3x matchdays) -Should we have matchweeks (2matches / week, 1st match MON-THU, 2nd match THU-FRI) -Should we include some custom maps (if yes, give us your suggestion). These are only FEW things we wanted to inform u about. The date of the cup is still unavailable, as we want to see how Clanbase Eurocup XI and Arctic eSports Challenge 2005 goes on. We want to start the cup in RIGHT situation. Why we posted this statement, is that we want to have YOUR OPINION about these things above, and we are also freely accepting your new suggestions towards the SKUNK52 #2. So, use this thread as a suggestion board or something. Your opinion DOES mean a lot. (We are also in a search for admins for the cup, but that ain't really a thing to think about now, but, if you are interested, contact j52|seccitaj @ #junk52 (QNET))
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