De meest prestigeuze en belangrijkste der Warcraft 3 clanleagues, de Warcraft 3 Champions League (WC3L), is een samenwerking gestart met de makers van Warcraft 3: Blizzard Entertainment. Een redelijk unieke gebeurtenis in de geschiedenis van Warcraft en een nieuw hoofdstuk in WC3L, dat al bijna haar 7e seizoen afsluit. Als onderdeel van deze samenwerking is WC3L is nou 1 van 5 officiele blizzard competities: ACON5, ESWC, WCG, Bnet season Tournament & WC3L. En (wat misschien wel nog belangrijker is) de 2 finalisten van de opkomende WC3L finale krijgen elk 2 spots in het opkomende Bnet Season Tournament II, waarin de topspelers van alle ladders vechten om een prijzengeld van meer als $25000 en dozen met koekjes.
The WC3L has represented the best competition in Warcraft® III for more than two years now. Since December 2002, we have seen seven seasons, hundreds of players from dozens of countries and an ever-growing fanbase all over the world. The league grew enormously during the past months and now the time has come for the next big step: We are proud to announce a cooperative arrangement with Blizzard Entertainment®, the creators of Warcraft III! First of all, the WC3L is now listed as one of five official competitions, along with WCG, ESWC, ACON5 and®'s Ladder. The second and even more exciting thing is that the WC3L's two best teams will get the opportunity to nominate players for each gateway-championship of Ladder Season Two. Both finalists of our offline-event in the end of May will be granted two spots. "This is a nice step for the WC3L, and I am very happy to see that we are getting a nod from Blizzard for our work and dedication to their game," WC3L's supervisor Sebastian "Baschi" Weishaar states. "Having this in mind, we can only look optimistically into the league's future." "We think this is a great opportunity for some of the top WC3L players to compete with some of the best players on in an official tournament," stated Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We're eager to see how the action plays out, and we're looking forward to similar such opportunities for future tournaments as well."