De welbekende Call of Duty 2 clan KnightS heeft vandaag bekend gemaakt dat ze maza hebben toegevoegd aan hun lineup. maza is vooral bekend van team freaze, wat verrassend de 2e plek pakte op Netgamez 2005A. Een statement van KnightS:
Ks`Osaka TenkO schreef:
Due to some mixed up individual schedules we couldn`t always practice with 5 people in the evenings, this became so frustrating that we decided to find a suiting 6th player. After a couple of chats we decided to ask maza to join our team. He is mainly known from teams like;Sradichi Family (dimsion, SeftakuN, wuzi, Mosquito, MofustO, maza);Team freaze (bl1nk, kibo, skaffa, twitch, wuzi, maza);Team Netherlands TDM (Dutchy, fez, hds, H0meR, maza).It`s amazing how fast maza adepted in our team, we hardly had any problems - it was like he was playing cod2 with us since the beginning.
De lineup van KnightS is nu als volgt: Dimsion fact hds maza mike Riesjart