Pure.eSports heeft recentelijk bekend gemaakt wederom actief te zijn in Call of Duty 2. Met een viertal nieuwe onbekende maar talentvolle spelers proberen zij weer de glorie in eer te herstellen van het oude Pure.eSports Call of Duty 1 team! Tevens is er ook een team manager toegevoegd aan dit team die ervoor zorgt dat de communicatie optimaal verloopt. Het team bestaat uit de volgende spelers. zrxeh Team-Manager voyage (Kapitein) yazzy vooYs Lindon Liquidfire Statement pure.eSports
In December we stated that our Call of Duty 2 team would get inactive due to problems in the team. The inactivity resulted into members leaving the organization, though Voyage and Liquidfire remained and they have successfully reorganized the team. Today we are proud to announce that our CoD2 team is back on track again. We are very confident that this team will put Pure.eSports back onto a high spot in the CoD2 scene. However, they still need to prove that this expectation is true. Furthermore, the team has many Dutch LAN events on their schedule that they will attend. We finally hope this struggling, which lasted about two months, will result in a loyal, enjoyable and a skilled team. We are very proud to present you our new line-up and to give you some information about the new individuals who have teamed up our organization.
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