Het voormalige team van Xstars die onder de tijdelijke naam Bazooka ging heeft inmiddels een nieuwe organisatie gevonden: INS-Gaming. Bazooka behaalde onlangs nog op LanCity de 2e plek. Line-up: Karel "Bax" Jannes Jannick "duncan" De Thaeye Matthias "ava" De Meulder Björn "gotek" Verburgh Dries "Ciseta" Van Houdt Tom "zwik" Schiedts
Most of you might remember Ins-Gaming back in the old days. Coming from CrackKillers, this was an ambitious 'project' with the aim on the top of the Belgian Counter-Strike scene. When InsG decided to kick their first lineup to recruit a new one (economic, 5Star), the ambitions became fulfilled. With a final third rank on ESBE Season1 and a fourth spot on the Belgian ESWC qualifier, we were part of the Belgian top. Although we had a nice team who were in real life friends, the team lacked of motivation and disapointed us. After the ESBE LAN-finals, we decided to part ways with them and we started the search of a new team.
Bekijk het gehele statement, met nieuwe managers op de INS-gaming website.