Itineracy was 3 dagen geleden weer tot leven gebracht, en vandaag voegen ze een counterstrike squad toe, namelijk buda-dan. Counterstrike: flamm qubical quickon quo myxo Waarom kiest zsilts voor budo-dan? zsilts:
We have chosen for this counterstrike team, because they are active and will attend lans in the near future. They will be attending Shgopen in Denmark on the 17th till the 19th of February. A lot of highly respected clans from all over the world will be playing there. We expect good result of this team. We are still looking for other squads: quake4 and counterstrike: source! contact me for more in #itineracy
Ook is Dinsdag eindelijk de .com domein online. En eind deze week of begin van volgende week zal ook de website klaar zijn. Related: #itineracy