De bekende zweedse gaming organisatie zeroPoint! heeft vandaag om 21:00 hun Call of duty 2 lineup bekend gemaakt. Zeropoint is waarschijnlijk het meest bekend om hun Day of defeat team die veel succesen heeft geboekt. Wat verrassend is dat de teamleden van het CoD2 team bijna allemaal uit het DoD : Source circuit komen en dus helemaal nieuw zijn in Call of duty 2. De reden dat ze van DoD: Source naar call of duty 2 switchen ligt aan het volgende. Statement
"In the last couple of months our successful Day of Defeat team has been inactive. The reason for this was simply because of lack of motivation. When DoD: Source didn't turn out to be what we, and a major part of the community, thought it would be we decided to take a break to focus on other things for a while. During this break some of our players decided to try their luck in other games. Three of these players have together with two old zeroPoint! players been playing the game Call of Duty 2. They have played together for some time already and it's with great pleasure we can announce that they will from today on play under the flag of zeroPoint! Gaming. Although the team is fairly young it is still very experienced with several of the team members playing for top teams in both Day of Defeat and Call of Duty as well as at national team level. With dedication, experience and talent we aim to become one of the best teams in Europe. We know it will be a long and tough road to travel but we have been there before and know what it takes to do it. Since everyone in the team except poppe lives in the Stockholm area we will try to bootcamp as much as possible. Our first bootcamp will take place later this month, 27-28th January to be exact, at the internetcafé Inferno Online in Stockholm, Sweden. Everyone is of course welcome to visit us there! One of our players have already made a name of himself in the swedish scene as Daniel "tidde" Asp will represent the swedish Team Deathmatch (TDM) national team. He was selected to the team after a couple of trials and even though it's not the gametype he normally plays the swedish captain was very impressed by his perfomence. We would like to wish Daniel and the swedish team the very best in the upcoming Nations Cup tournament. This does however mean that our Day of Defeat team will remain inactive. We have plans for a new Day of Defeat (Source) team in the future but we are awaiting the developement of the scene and community among a few other things"..
De volgende vijf spelers zullen zeroPoint! vertegenwoordigen. Jonathan "eliR" Hjälmheden Calle "APaX" Stern Pontus "poppe" Geijer Robin "rivvE" Holmén Daniel "tidde" Asp Gerelateerd #zP! @ Quakenet