De speler die een tijd geleden nog voor een hele shocker zorgde door onverwachts het team van digitalMind in de steek te laten en CEA te joinen heeft vanavond alweer dit team verlaten. SeakeR heeft het team verlaten omdat hij bij CEA als zesde speler is geplaatst, hoogstwaarschijnlijk zal hij binnenkort weer actief spelen in een andere clan. De line-up van CEA is nu als volgt: - CrimsoN - MasterMe - xyLo - xire - r0y Statement van CEA:
Today we announce the departure of Jimmy 'SeaKeR' Achmad. A few months ago when we were about to head for E-Sensation 2005 LAN in Spain, we had some member problems. Some of our players weren't motivated enough and we decided too look out for an extra player. At the event we had a few good talks, but still we decided to recruit a 6th player when we got home. Jimmy would have been the new 5th man, but since one of the players of which we thought was the most inactive off all started to change and at that time the Clanbase Eurocup XII groupstage just started we played with the line-up we played with in Spain. Jimmy wasn't ready at that point to play. We wanted him to get more familiar with the rest of the players and get a chance to learn the tactics. What happened is completely different. The old line-up started to play very active and had some great results such as the win against fnatic last week. Allthough this had pushed Jimmy back into the 6th player position we weren't even thinking about dropping him from the team. He's a great talented player and knows the game by heart. It's simply because the biggest part of this team has been playing for almost 3 years as a winning team. It's hard to adjust and at the same time keep up with the rest. Jimmy however decided to take his chances elswhere since he wants to play as much as he can. We wish Jimmy the best of luck in his future gaming career.
Succes CEA en SeakeR !