Het CS 1.6 team van Check6 heeft bekend gemaakt dat ze de Check6 organisatie zouden leaven. Waar de spelers naartoe gaan is bekend, ze gaan allemaal naar hun oude team, Team zEx. Hieronder een statement door Check6 owner Rich Howard & Team zEx: Rich Howard:
"We felt some changes were needed to be made for 2006 as everyone has done to properly compete in the upcoming World Tour. I have no hard feelings for the guys and wish them the best of luck in the new team they will be joining which is already in the works and best of luck to them in 06."
Team zEx:
"The reason for the de-tagging is because there has been some rumors flying around the check-six organization. Just for the fact my teammates and I feel that we have been betrayed and lied to our faces I will let the community in on a little secret. There has been a rumor that the x6 organization is going to bring the European team to the United States to compete in the US leagues and tournaments. So it might look like a step forward for the organization, but ha... Good luck to Rich and the nice people I have met, and GOODLUCK for the team that’s coming over."
Hierdoor is de lineup van Team zEx alsvolgt: - Andrew "rector" Rector - Anthony "m4gic" Coriale - Charlie "cbz" Pyo - Aran "i0nz" Curbelo - Derek "Titus" Clark - Sam "hiCKEEEY" Hickey - Kevin "HolyMan" Lawler (inactive)