Het team eSrael heeft een e-sites ranking gemaakt van waar de meeste info op staat van games zoals CS, WC3, Starcraft etc. Hieronder staan de ranking met de info van de site. #1. SK-Gaming. Editor In Chief: Chris "Chris0" Hall. Description: In the last esites ranking, SK-Gaming venerably grabbed the second place, right after the American gaming portal, GotFrag.com. However, things have changes a lot since that ranking; SK realized that in order to be the best, they have to cover more scenes. StarCraft has earned a mass amount of news posts and features, CS & WC3 coverage is always found updated, with many interesting features posted daily. #2. GotFrag?. Editor In Chief: Jason "Anomoly" Bass. Description: GotFrag keeps itself in the top three, with the most interesting articles on the net. Whenever a change is made, they got the first interviews coming up, buying their prime account is worthwhile, with many POV demos and interesting articles getting posted on a daily basis. #3. Global Gaming League. Editor In Chief: Michal "Carmac" Blicharz. Description: GGL climbs up in our ranking, with a new page launched, and many options found on it. Interesting articles, videos and more, GGL is definitely a source to bank on. #4. ESNATION. Editor In Chief: Daniel "Vivastar" Thander. Description: ESNATION is a website which is rapidly evolving, in the previous ranking, the site didn't make it to top10, being placed 11th. ESNATION is most likely, the fastest-updating website on the net as far as news are concerned, with a large gaming-videos-database, fast-updating event coverage's, and more... #5. Meet Your Makers. Editor In Chief: Sarah "Sara" Liu, Jan "GadZ" Kersting & Elroy "Noname" Pinto. Description: Covering most of the scene, mYm is definitely a site to keep tracking. With the best WC3 coverage, and fast updating CS-news section, alongside Starcraft coverage and impressive event-coverages. #6. eSlive. Editor In Chief: Jeremy "SwaT" Krantz #7. Club Fnatic. Editor In Chief: Tamir "Spirit" Bashkin. #8. SoGamed. Editor In Chief: Kenneth "Viking" Stensrud. #9. eSreality. Editor In Chief: Andrew "Daishi" West, Patryk "BLUEman" Kawnik & Kim "raccoon" Christensen. #10. NiP-Gaming. Editor In Chief: James "Radical" Henderson & Daniel "dTm" Palmer. Bron: http://www.e-srael.org/