Er zijn 2 nieuwe interviews gepubliceerd. Het eerste interview is met de twee nieuwe Deense aanwinsten van / team-NoA, zonic en hpx. Het interview gaat natuurlijk over hun overstap naar NoA en hun plannen in de komende periode met dat team. Een klein snipje uit het interview:
The two of you have both been active in the CS-scene for quite some time, and participated in countless large international events. What will be your goals and expectations coming into Team NoA? Zonic: Our Main goal is WEG, and we would use that as a warm-up for all the CPL World Tour stops in 2006. My goal is to become one of the best clans in the world :) Hpx: I expect to attend a lot of events and I also expect that my team-mates will work hard to get this team up and running. My first goal with NoA will be to qualify for WEG 2006.
Het volledige interview kun je hier vinden. Het tweede interview is met niemand anders dan de 4kings speler Mangiacapra. Het interview gaat over hem persoonlijk, zijn leven als professioneel gamer en alles eromheen. 1 van de vragen aan de topspeler:
How do you think gaming and being a professional gamer has affected your personal life, school and other "duties"? Well the timing has been good for me, I was in school when I started CS, and by the time i took it seriously I was in my last year of High school so I got my grades and graduated. I then went to University for 2 years but ended up leaving due to offer from 4Kings but I wasn't happy with the course I had chosen as I didn't fancy doing that 9/5 for the next 30+ years. Everything just happened at the right times and turned out great. I guess social life is affected, but if you plan it right it's not a problem.
Het volledige interview kun je hier vinden.