Het nederlandse team dfiance heeft zojuist aangekondigd dat de speler Mitox3 hun zal gaan verlaten om bij TeK-9 te gaan spelen. De manager van dfiance had het volgende statement:
dfiance`bas schreef:
"Kenneth "mitox3" verboven has decided to part ways with dfiance.cod2, because he was not having fun in the team. This was partly because of the release of eCu, and as expected he has decided to try his luck at tek9. Although this meant yet another gap in our roster, we already found a replacement in Alex "knaller" Shul. We wish Kenneth good luck at tek9. We´re still searching for a sixth to bring more consistency to the team.
De lineups van dfiance en TeK-9 zijn nu de volgende: dfiance: xzn Qwerty Knaller SKO mOma TeK-9: Davy seifer speedy Wazzie eCu Mitox3