GGL heeft elemeNt geinterviewd die onlangs nog de topclan mouzsports joinde. Na een kort avontuur in 4kings hield hij het al voor gezien. Het is een goed, kort interview. En vooral het enige interview dat hij dit jaar gaat houden. Hij heeft dan ook een statement vrijgegeven mbt het interview:
elemeNt’s statement: Before you read through the following, you should know that this is the only interview I'll be doing in regards to my recent decision to compete with Mouz in 2006. Not because I don't care, but rather because instead of following suit releasing a series of uninteresting, repetitive, plug filled interviews that more or less avoid conflicts with interests of those I'm involved with and promote or push their agendas or sell their products I wanted to make it clear that this isn't the beginning of something grand, the continuation of a commitment troubled CS player or the end of a legacy. If you're reading this, the chances of you knowing ABOUT me are much higher than you actually knowing me, so feel free to e-mail me ( if you want to get to know me before flaming, I'm quite social. Knowing his role is to generate traffic by creating quality content – Carmac asks the tough questions! Come along with me as we go through the ONLY interview in this part of the elemeNt saga: