Discipline. een van de huidige machthebbers in de Engelse Call of duty 2 scene heeft Trainee toegevoegd. Met een rijke gaming carriere in Medal of honor en Call of duty 1 hopen ze eindelijk iemand gevonden te hebben die hun laatste positie vervult.
Statement After our recent lineup changes, we was looking for more stability within the team, this is why we came to a decision in taking a 6th player to our already good lineup. We had a few people in-mind, but it's always difficult to find a good player in a middle of Eurocup season, and after seeing trainee play we knew he was the right guy, not only because we lacked a good sniper and that he could play in EC for us, but he's a great guy and fits into the team well. trainee is mainly known from his mohaa days where he led the mohaa uk team most of the time, winning 3 ec's and most of the uk lans, hopefully he can transform his success in cod2 with discipline in the near future
De lineup ziet er als volgt uit. Discipline.cod2 Episode Crow Raz Jam1e King-Lee Trainee Veel geluk Discipline.cod2 en Trainee