Vandaag maakte het voormalige oTp bekend de Franse DoD clan inxtremis te joinen. inX.cod heeft al met multigaming organisaties als ownage, Sypher en oTp gewerkt in het verleden, of het deze keer wel goed afloopt is dus nog maar de vraag. Na aanleiding van het bericht heb ik een kort Q&A gehouden met inX`Antho0 and inX`ozwald . inX`CoD is one of the leading frence cod teams, you guys joined a few other organisations in the past (like sypher and ownage) but left them after several matches. Why did you leave them, and why try it again with a different organisation ? inX`AnTho0 We left ownage because the cs team was dead so we didn't want to stay with a inactive team. We left Sypher for differents things. We join inXtremis cause we know them for a while and that's the best DoD team in France. We moved because they are the best DOD team in France and we left oTp alltogether, We obviously hope to do well in future competitions lans and online, also we hope to get the best results we can. inX`ZwLD oTp decided that a CoD was useless like a DoD and pes4 was, so they just "kicked" us inX has partners as Sennheiser and Qpad, did these names had anything to do with you joined inX ? Will we see inX`cod.sennheiser for example in the future ? inX`ZwLD I doubt we will get any support from sponsors after all the clans we joined and all the disapointments we had. We joined them coz we quite sure we wont get kicked from clan or we wont get impossible promises, they are just a bunch of friends now :) but of course if we have any support from sennheiser or qpad we will be pleased to wear this kind of tag ;) Namens gamelux wens ik dit team veel succes. We zullen ongetwijfeld nog wat van ze horen.