Voor de Quake 4 Clanbase Nation CUP hebben onze Belgische buren al een team opgesteld. Het is een samenwerking tussen de topclans GUNK en OCC.
In Quake3 we always had a very good working team for the ClanBase NationsCups, mostly consisting of players such as KingpiN, shot, VeRTeX, hydra, dukkie(both as a coach and player) and me. I would also like to extend my thanks to other players who every now and then played with our team in the occasion of a missing "core" player. While countries such as Sweden and Russia had some superstar players to build a team with, the Belgian team was renowned for their good teamplay and communication, which we needed to achieve some awesome results.
GUNKteam: - beton (coach) - impulse (captain) - KingpiN - sway - VeRTeX OCC-Outpost: - alka - shot