Nadat 2 weken geleden Shiri besloot inactive te gaan zat Serious Gaming met een probleem. Dat probleem heeft zich echter ongedaan gemaakt want hij is terug. Na het CPL Winter 2005 evenement besloot het team dat ze niet zonder hem konden. Hier een statement door Shiri & lurppis zelf: Shiri's statement :
Well, I will go back to school at januardy and i have girlfriend so i will have less time to play than before. After 5 years of playing its hard without. First i thought i only need those two things but after three weeks of not playing i noticed something was missing and that was CS and all the guys in serious, it was like losing good friends.
lurppis statement :
We're really happy to have Shiri back on the team, playing without him for few weeks after playing 18 months with him felt really weird, and I hope that I don't have to experience that feeling ever again. All in all it's great to have him back and I'm looking forward to finishing EuroCup and attending some LANs with him so show we're a top international team even though we had a bad showing with a mixteam/pug at CPL Winter.
Hierdoor is de lineup van Serious Gaming alsvolgt: - barrack - lurppis - Kuppi - naSu - Shiri