Steampowered heeft weer eens iets van zich laten horen. Dit hebben ze gedaan door middel van een Counter-Strike: Source update. Bij deze update zijn onder andere 2 skins toegevoegd aan de CT en T zijde. Verder zijn er wat fixes geweest aan het buy menu en is er een bug gefixt waardoor er geen granaten meer door dunne muren kunnen worden gegooid. De changelog is als volgt:
- Added G.I.G.N and Guerilla player models - Sniper rifles that are in the process of zooming in don't get the zoomed-in accuracy bonus - Fixed crosshairs when running in a widescreen aspect ratio - Added a 'nextlevel' server side command to force intermission and a switch to the specified map after the current round - Fixed bug where players were able to throw grenades through thin walls - Added a server message for teammate attacks - Fixed buy menu not having mouse focus - Fixed buy menu re-opening when you try to close it. - Fixed centerprint panel and frames per second panel not resizing correctly after a resolution change. - '&' chars in player names show in the scoreboard and spectator UI - In-eye spectators see punch angles - Fixed bots thinking they are still on a higher nav area when they fall off - Added nav area ID to the bot debug prints - Extended the bot_add*, bot_kick, and bot_kill commands to accept skill (easy, normal, hard, expert) and/or weapon preference (sniper, shotgun, etc) arguments. For example, typing ‘bot_add_ct expert” will add a random bot of ‘expert’ difficulty to the CT team. - Added difficulty, weaponclass, and skill modifiers to the bot_prefix string - Navigation mesh editing - raising/lowering corners correctly snaps adjacent corners to the same height
Deze update zal, zoals altijd, weer doorgevoerd worden nadat je Steam opnieuw heb opgestart.