In de quake 4 scene zijn er op dit moment 2 pro-mods die met elkaar in hevige strijd zijn om de meest gebruikte mod te zijn. Helaas zijn samenwerkingen tussen beide mods op niets uitgekomen. Positief is wel dat er een hoge concurrentie tussen beide teams zijn om de beste mod te leveren. Vandaag levert X-Battle haar 0.10 release. En er is hard gewerkt! Een enorme change list is er dan ook te lezen. Mirrors: - mirror 1 - mirror 2 - mirror 3 Website van Xbattle (die binnenkort een nieuwe krijgt): - Change list:
~ Latest Features ~ v0.10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fix: pm_stairJumps <0|1> allows strafejumping on stairs on e.g. The Edge where long stairs are used it's not possible to SJ on on them. In multiplayer you can do "clientcallvote stairjumps 1" to enable it. All it does is enabling you to step on stairs, when you're in air. chg: bobbing cvars can be changed in multiplayer pm_crouchbob, pm_walkbob, pm_runbob, pm_runpitch, pm_runroll, pm_bobup, pm_bobpitch and pm_bobroll can be changed by players. chg: clientcallvote info in console clientcallvote [enter] shows detailed info about whats voteable and the possible values chg: map weapons are now available during warmup. chg: crosshair size is adjustable stepless from 1-100 chg: g_fov is allowed from 20-150 chg: crosshair info distance raised chg: si_teamdamage <0|1|2> 0 - no teamdamage 1 - only armor damage (default) 2 - full damage chg: hud_barStyle, hud_ammoBar, hud_ammoVisible, hud_weaponVisible and hud_weaponSwitch are now "true" cvars. add: you can see readystatus in scoreboard add: si_freeModels <0|1> allow using of all models 0 - Off ( default ) 1 - On add: si_scoreBotSupport <0|1> 0 - Off 1 - server queries returns player scores, team scores and timeleft. add: si_scoreBotRefreshRate <1-60> scorebot-info refresh interval Sets the interval in seconds that the server will refresh game information used for scorebots. add: teamlock & teamunlock commands add: teamdamage is votable by gui ( multiplayer vote menu ) add: pm_smoothBoxJumps <0-16> allow smoother jumping on boxes 0 - Off 1 - smooth box jumps a little (default) 2-16 - more smoothing If the stairjump fix is enabled, in Q4 you have the possibility to do boxjumps, because the stairjump fix enables you to step on stairs, while you are in air. If you have a box that is max 16 (max stepsize) units higher than your jumpheight, you can step on it as on stairs and jump to the next box. that's called a boxjump. but in some places, like in "the edge" on the upper yellow armor, it is hard to do a boxjump, because the box is too big, then you need to jump very exact on the box, to do the boxjump. All smoothboxjump does is increasing the max stepsize, when jumping in the air (doesn't work on ground). This makes boxjumping possible from more positions much easier. Anyway, someone may think, that it adds speed to get up there, but it doesn't. add: ui_weaponBobbing <0|1> toggles bobbing of weapon 0 - disables the weapon bobbing and lag when turning or jumping 1 - show weapon bobbing ( default ) add: ui_rocketTrail <0|1> show/hide rockets smoke 0 - hide rockets smoke trail 1 - show rockets smoke trail ( default ) add: ui_grenadeTrail <0|1> show/hide grenades smoke 0 - hide grenade smoke trail 1 - show grenade smoke trail ( default ) add: ui_nailTrail <0|1> show/hide nailtrail 0 - hide nail smoke trail 1 - show nail smoke trail ( default ) add: ui_tinyRailTrail <0|1> dis-/enable the tiny railtrail 0 - disable tiny railtrail 1 - enable tiny railtrail ( default ) add: ui_enemyColorArms enemy models arms color add: ui_enemyColorLegs enemy models legs color add: ui_enemyColorTorso enemy models torso color hex value that is used to ink the enemy-brightskin. add: ui_teamColorArms arms color add: ui_teamColorLegs legs color add: ui_teamColorTorso torso color this hex-value is used to ink your team-mates arms, legs or torso. it's also used as _your_ color when a mate don't forces every part using his color with ui_teamForceColors. add: ui_teamColorIntensity <0 - 1.0> specifies brightskins brightness add: ui_enemyColorIntensity <0 - 1.0> specifies brightskins brightness it's a float value between 0 and 1 that u can use to darken your brightskins a bit. default is 1.0 = maximum brightness. add: ui_teamForceColors <0-7> set which parts are forced to your teamcolors using this cvar you have the opportunity to see parts of your mates brightskin with their color setting. it's a bitmask with bit 1 to force legs, bit 2 to force arms and bit 3 for torso coloring. so legs, arms and torso get a value of 1, 2, 4. if you want that the brightskins of your mates have your ui_teamColorLegs and *Arms settings but _their_ *Torso value, you would set up ui_teamForceColors to 3. ( legs = 1 + arms = 2 ) for your *Torso and your *Arms to 6 ( arms = 2 + torso = 4 ). add: hud_showTeamHealth <0|1> display health/armor of teammates 0 - Off 1 - show health/armor info of teammates next to crosshair in teamgames. add: hud_drawTimer <0|1|2> toggles timer appearence 0 - Off 1 - timer shows time remained 2 - timer shows time passed note: In one of the next versions chattokens will be added to xbm, one of them will translate your remained time to passed time or vice versa for team who have different settings in their team. until then you should take care that everyone in you team has the same hud_drawTimer value. add: hud_drawTeamOverlay <0|1> toggle teamoverlay 0 - Off 1 - shows teamoverlay in TDM / CTF add: hud_showJumps <0|1> display jump distance 0 - Off 1 - On add: hud_showSpeed <0|1> display player speed 0 - Off 1 - On add: green armor support. +25 Armor. editorname: 'item_armor_jacket_mp' add: g_blood <0|1> toggle the blood effects 0 - Off 1 - On add: g_gibs <0|1> toggle the playergib effects 0 - Off 1 - On add: g_fastWeaponSwitch <0|1> toggle shotgun and hyperblasters weaponswitch 0 - Off, wait until weapon is reloaded 1 - On, vanilla quake4 ( default ) add: g_spawnType <0-3> set different player spawn behavior We suggest using a value of 2 or 3: 0 - random furthest from killer ( vanilla Q4, default ) 1 - random furthest from dead player 2 - completly random 3 - completly random without 3 nearest from killer add: g_maxRespawnTime <2-60> changes the maximum spawn time for players add: g_altMinRespawnLimit <0|1> Toggles the use of alternative minimum spawn times for players 0 - Off, Vanilla Quake 4 (3 seconds) 1 - On, Vanilla Quake 3 (1.7 seconds) add: hud_lagometerPosition Allows to freely positioning of the lagometer ( Default: 10 380 ) add: r_ambientLightOnly <0|1-2> to enable only ambientlights on the map. 0 - map default lightning (default) 1 - enable only ambientlight ( this will give an fps boost ) 1.0-2.0 - set the light ammount.. this needs a map restart to get the correct light ammount. (1.0 is default, 1.5 is middle and 2.0 is bright) add: s_altHitsounds <0-1> Allows the usage of alternate hitsounds. 0 - default q4 hitsounds 1 - enable q3 hitsounds ( but still different hitsounds for armorhits ) add: 'callvote' as alias for clientCallvote add: who will find the super secret easteregg first? ~ clientcallvote options ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ chg: teamdamage <0|1|2> - see si_teamdamage add: stairjumps <0|1> - see pm_stairjumps add: smoothboxjumps <0-16> - see pm_smoothboxjumps add: freemodels <0|1> - see si_freemodels add: fastswitch <0|1> - see g_fastWeaponSwitch add: spawntype <0-3> - see g_spawnType add: altminrespawnlimit <0|1> - see g_altMinRespawnLimit add: maxrespawntime - see g_maxRespawnTime