De belgische clan 4DFX heeft vandaag bekend gemaakt dat Ava uit het team is. Ava heeft hierbij besloten om naar Sypher te gaan. Ava geeft even wat uitleg :
Why did you leave the clan of 4DFX was there a reason? I left the 4dfx due to some reasons. It all started out with me having another opinion on certain issues and when I told them I always ended up worse. I got a bit annoyed, but after all we did manage to solve these. After that I started to realize that some players should adapt their game more to the team, but I was just ignored and our game kept being the same. Was it a hard decision leaving 4DFX? It sure was a hard decision. 4DFX is a team consisting of the best guys you can imagine. LAN-events weren't ever that cool, but in game it just didn't go how it supposed to be. I'm not talking about results, but just the way in which we played. I started out playing with sypher and everything just went very fluent, a lot better then in 4DFX. I will sure miss those guys but well yeah to everything comes to an end. We wish you all the best, any shoutouts? I want to thank the 4dfx-crew for the good times we often had and wish them a lot of luck in the future. And to Eagle, my homie :D but starting from now on Sypher for the win! :)
hierdoor is de lineup van 4DFX alsvolgt : - Leonzo - Jwakka - hybrid - E.agle - adio - Onliner (inactive) - Tijl (inactive) hierdoor is de lineup van Sypher ook anders geworden : - ava - gotek - ciseta - duncan - zwik We wensen beide clans veel succes!