Laatst was aangekondigd dat Manuel "tixo" Makohl SK-Gaming zou leaven. De reden is nog steeds niet bekend. Wel lijkt het erop dat tixo op een hoger niveau wou gaan spelen. Hier een statement door globe, de manager van het team:
From today on SK Gaming Germany and Manuel "tixo" Makohl are going seperate ways. Unfortunately the Esport is growing faster and faster and sometime there is a point where you are looking for better possibilities to have pretended success. tixo is a pretty young and talented player and it is his decision to play for another team. It is my task now to wish him good luck in his new team and especially much success. Hopefully it is the right decision, Manuel!
Hierdoor is de lineup van alsvolgt: - ChRRRRp - mason - sTeVe - hYde - pan