Wormsworld heeft zojuist de laatste versie van PAM 2.0 uitgebracht. Deze mod wordt gebruikt om Call of duty 1/2/uo een stuk competatiever te maken, en word in verscheidene league's zoals Clanbase en CAL als een vereiste gesteld. Lijst met veranderingen F: Fixed dvar enforcer dvar (misspelling): de_remove_exlpoits --> de_remove_exploits (CHANGE YOUR EXISTING CONFIGS IF NECESSARY!) +: Added a Password warning if a server password has not been set during readyup. C: Changes to MANY rule files. F: Fixed ready-up bug: Players clothes not changing when they change teams. F: Fixed ready-up bug: Players moving to spectate have no head and run around invulnerable. F: Fixed a bug with half-time scorelimits and 2nd-half scorelimits. F: Fixed a typo in "Pam Disabled" F: Fixed a couple of issues that could get the round counter off during ready-up F: Fixed an issue with the Red Dot Quick Fade settings C: Automatically turning off g_ot and g_ot_active for pub mode to prevent OT confusion. F: Fixed a bug that was preventing secondary weapon drops during "strat time." +: Added one dvar to TDM (temporarily) to handle TK scoring. This will subtract 1 point from a Team's score for a TK of set. THe dvar is named: scr_tdm_tk_scoring [0 = stock. 1 = subtract for TKs] +: Minefields do not explode/kill during ready-up F: Fixed some weapon limit issues F: Fixed some issues with Ready-up (Scoreboard) indicator missing or showing "dead" F: Fixed a Ready-Up issue with being "stuck" in spectator.[/quote] Links PAM 2.0 Final WormsWorld.net[/url Wormsworld