Het counter-strike team van OCRANA.ATI, welke in de recente EPS seizoen nog aan top wist te eindigen, heeft bekend gemaakt dat Marc "silent" Wachsmuth per direct inactief zal gaan. De afgelopen dagen deden er al een aantal geruchten de rondte dat "silent" gedurende de EPS LAN Playoffs niet bepaald tevreden was met het spel van OCRANA.ATI, dusdoende heeft de speler besloten het team te 'verlaten'. Met een uitstekende EPS seizoen achter de rug waar de naam van OCRANA.ATI bovenaan de ranglijst pronkte bleken twee zure nederlagen tegen mTw.ATI and mouz de druppels die de emmer deed overlopen.
ocr.ATI *silent: "The decision to give up gaming wasn't easy for me but at a point in time you just don't have the motivation to move on. The reasons are the tailing off of my motivation and my ambition, which wasn't the same as in the eps seasons 5 and 6. So I arrived at my decision very early but i aroused myself and tried to help my former team to reach the EPS season 7 finals and we were able to manage this without any defeat. The inclusion into the Team Germany influenced me in a positive way. On the other hand my education demands me very much. I currently do my IT-certifications, so you can calculate how much time is left for my team and Counter-Strike. That's why my personal willingness to perform well in CS diminishes. These are reasons which induced me to make a final stroke, respectively to go into inactivity. I'm amazed about being nominated for the most valuable player (MVP) in the seventh eps season, because i think i played not that good in this season, especially at the lan finals. I want to thank my team, which supported me all the time and stood by me but also OCRANA.ATI, which gave our, at that time very controversial, mixteam the opportunity to play as successful as we did till this day. I never ever say never, but right now it's concluded. "
Het counter-strike team van OCRANA.ATI blijft nu achter met de volgende spelers: Kapio fleks Gladiator nookie silent (inactive)