Het is weer een drukke avond geweest in counter-strike land, en dat ook voor XStars die zojuist een nieuwe speler heeft toegevoegd aan haar line-up. Het gaat om de volgende speler: faken, een ervaren speler die onder andere gespeeld heeft voor de volgende teams, SSV Lehnitz - MAFFIA en Metropolis. XStars houd hier dus de volgende line-up mee over: - Apollo - Bax - Luce - M!nto - faken Wat opvallend aan deze line-up is, dat Spacey niet meer actief gaat counter-striken voor XStars. Dit zullen waarschijnlijk persoonlijke redenen zijn, maar in ieder geval zal faken zijn taken overnemen. Ik heb een klein interview gehouden met faken, over hemzelf en over het joinen van de belgische clan XStars. Gamelux: Hello, could you introduce yourself for the Gamelux community? faken: Hello Wesjah, Im Kristoffer Andersson also known as faken, im 22 years old and currently living in Gothenburg Sweden. Gamelux: Howdy kristoffer, we all know you are part of the XStars team now, but how did you came in contact with XStars? faken: Well after my period in Lehnitz.Speedlink i went inactive and i wanted to get back into the scene again, all teams in sweden has longterm contracts so the scene in sweden are pretty closed at this point. I cam in contact with Appollo actually and here we are :) Gamelux: I see, quite nice. For how long were you inactive? faken: My last event was the ESWC lan finals qualifier here in Sweden this past summer, where we placed 5th (SSV Lehnitz.MIX). Gamelux: What made you go back in the counter-strike scene, did you mis the exciting matches and lan's? faken: Ye of course, im a really competetive human beeing. I love the atmosphere and the exiting matches. Gamelux: You guys now have a 6 man rotation, will there be a player who goes inactive, or will there be a substitute player? faken: Spacey is gonna be inactive / subsitute player for now Gamelux: XStars is known for it's well prestations on lan, and online, so the team has got a good teamplay and are close, Do you think it's hard for you to be part of the team, because you are swedisch? faken: I dont think that will be an problem at all to be honest, ive got big experience from my past where we attended at several big events so, i think i can add more experience and maybe a new way of thinking. Gamelux: Ok, i hope it will work out. You are also known as a good fieldcaptain who can be calm and have a perfect way of thinking, are you going to be the new captain in XStars to? faken: Im pretty calm i guess, you getting calm with self confidence and experience...yes thats correct im gonna be XStars new ingame leader who's gonna handle the tactics and ingame moves during the rounds :) Gamelux: Pretty cool, so you see yourself as a good adjustment to XStars :) faken: Pretty much yes, i think ill fit in perfectly, i havent meet the at any events yet, but they seem to be really nice people..all benelux people are really nice in my opinion so :) Gamelux: You say all benelux people are nice, what do you think about the counter-strike "scene" in here, what is the difference between benelux scene and sweden's scene? faken: Well to be honest i dont know so much about how the scene are and stuff like that, but what ive understand so does alot of people support 2-3 teams in the Benelux area, thats really good, here in sweden people support like 10 teams, and in sweden i guess everything is abit bigger here in sweden :) Gamelux: Ok, i want to thank you for your time, it has been great for me and i hope for you aswell, this was my first interview faken: Yes of course :) Thanks to you to, great iview keep it going! :) Gamelux: Got any last shoutout's? faken: Would like to thank our sponsors : cno, shaka and thx to powerhost and world industries. Otherwise i just wanna say support us! :) Meer informatie kan je vinden op de website van XStars, www.xstars.be.