De in Duitsland gevestigde clan Mortal Teamwork heeft na een erg teleurstellende WC3L besloten om geen support meer te geven aan hun internationale spelers. Kort door de bocht houdt dit dus in dat voor spelers als Zubie, Zerter, WiNNeR en DIDI8 het geen toegevoegde waarde meer heeft om de mTw tag nog langer te dragen. Deze spelers hebben in de afgelopen dagen dan ook besloten het team te verlaten. WiNNeR, die pas later dit seizoen in het team is gekomen dient echter nog wel zijn contract uit te zitten. Statement van mTw:
In the history of mTw.ATI, Warcraft III has been playing a decisive role for ages. Some years were successfull, some were not. But we always aimed for the impossible to reach. Time passes and nowadays the whole strategy games i.e. Warcraft community moves on to Asia, a part of the world where people are almost born to play such games. But in fact that it isn't nearly possible anymore to keep up with the international Warcraft elite having a lineup without those players we step ahead, and this time it's also impossible for us. Not being as good to be a challenge international doesn't mean that we will stop playing Warcraft. With this step we want to mainly focus on the German community. It's better to be among the best clans in our country than just a semi-professional in the world. The already mentioned steps are as followed. Focusing at the German community we will cut our remaining non-German players out of the roster. Zubie and Zerter left the clan whereas WinneR is going to part the clan when his contract ends - at the end of year 2005. Last but not least it's DIDI8 who's affected by this move, as he will also be excluded off the clan within the next days. We really wish those players the very best for their upcoming clans and their future. We had had a great time with you and that's to be remembered.
Dit houdt in dat Zerter momenteel zonder clan zit, hoewel de geruchten dat hij het wc3 gedeelte van een grote Nederlandse clan gaat beginnen steeds hardnekkiger worden...