De multigaming organisatie Pure.eSports die we beter kennen vanwege hun bekende NFSU-speler DJiTH en hun Counter-Strike team ( embezzlement) komt nu als één van de eerste organisaties met een CoD2 team. Een klein snippet uit het uitgebreide statement:
On the fourth of November, Call of Duty 2 (CoD2) was released in Europe; it is going to be one of the biggest competitions in the near future. A raw amount of 8000 gamers is already online, after just one day of the release date. That is truly great and I am very sure of the fact we will see some great tournaments, LAN events and competition in front of us. Pure.eSports decided to make a return in the Call of Duty scene and we decided to start a Call of duty 2 team. After some struggling, we created a strong team which can compete on a high level both national as international. But they still need to prove that this expectation is true, however the management has full confidence in this team
Het team bestaat uit de volgende spelers: - Danny “benny” Hildebrand (ex-H2K, dtektion) - Bas “sa1ko” Bavinck (ex-Pure.eSports) - Bjorn “Liquidfire” Pacher (ex-QrX, Impact-Gaming) - Ian “rev0” Keeling (ex-H2K, downforce) - Alex “Knaller” Shul - David “matop” van Tiel (ex-Kreaturen, mTw, Riot, Supermen, Energy)