Een voormalig lid van het Counter-Strike 1.6 team dat derde werd op ACON 5 ( defusekids) heeft in een publieke statement laten weten dat de voormalige leden van het team nog steeds op 5000 dollar prijzengeld wachten van dit toernooi. Degene die dit prijzengeld zou moeten uitkeren is de lokale tak van Abit, namelijk Volgens Yannik Bindo weigeren ze dit te doen met als reden dat het Belgische team de vluchten naar huis gemist hadden en de ACON 5 organisatie hiervoor heeft moeten opdraaien. In de statement zijn enkele redenen te lezen waarom dit geen goede reden zou zijn, zo zouden de kostten van de vluchten op 2500 dollar uitkomen en lag sowieso de reden waarom het team de vluchten heeft gemist bij de ACON 5 organisatie of Rectificatie: Wegens een misverstand in de tekst leek het eerder dat de organisatie van Acon5: The Party verantwoordelijk was voor het prijzengeld en dat die organisator zou zijn. Echter: Gameparty was de organisator en gaat niet over het prijzengeld.
Perry van Wiel schreef:
De organisatie is Gameparty geweest maar wij hebben niets van doen met het prijzen geld, Abit was slechts sponsor van TheParty en zeker niet de organisatie.
Onze excuses voor eventuele misinterpretaties. Hierbij de complete statement:
Concerning the Acon5 prize money, My name is Yannik Bindo, former member of team Defusekids. Our team finished 3rd at the “Acon5 2005” tournament but never received our prize ( an amount of 5000USD in cash). Now we, as a team, have decided to address this problem to the counter-strike community in the hope confronting the ACON5 organization with this issue so it gets solved and prevented in the future. Acon5 informed us during the tournament that teams will receive their money from the organization who held the qualifiers in their specific region. We’ve had several attempts talking things out with the organization of, but the mails we received were always dodgy. If we received a reply at all.. Acon5 had a strict departure schedule. All teams had to be ready early in the morning to take the bus on time, so nobody would miss their flight. We took the bus that was designated to us (amongst other teams), but upon arriving at the airport we discovered we missed our plane by an hour. And not just us: ‘Team Frag eXecutor’s of Poland, the warcrafter of Poland and ‘Rotterdam’ from the Netherlands who had the same schedule as us also missed their plane. Obviously this was a mistake made by either the Acon5 management or from the organization Abit who arranged the tickets (in case it being, the Polish players wouldn’t have had the same issue in my opinion). After a long discussion about how we should get home, a member of the Acon5 organization bought new flight tickets for all the players. We strictly mentioned that in no way the price of the new tickets should be deducted from our prize money, since it was an organizational error. This was actually confirmed by the ACON5 employee that bought us the tickets. On the plane home we met the other teams that were on the same bus as we were, who apparently received correct tickets. Our plane headed to Germany where we had to arrange ourselves transportation to Belgium, on our own expense. Finally home we contacted, the responsible organization for our region, to work out the details about the prize money deposit. They asked for bank account information to transfer, in which we complied. The deposit always got delayed until after several months they just said that we weren’t going to receive our price money because they used it to compensate our new flight tickets. But here are some facts: · The price of a ticket was about 450€ so let’s say that is around 500$ x 5 = 2500$ and it still doesn’t even come close to the 5000$ we won. · The fact that we missed our flight wasn’t in any case our fault, which they denied, but ‘Rotterdam’ (who also missed his plane) didn’t need to pay 450$ to and ‘Team Frag eXecutor’s (same story) didn’t need to pay a dime to their regional organization of Abit. Facts like that are just a shame, especially on such a high level of gaming involving such a high level organization, abusing the trust of gamers in an outrageous way. The world of gaming has evolved from taking place on a base level of fun into a world where a large amount of gamers are actually trying to reach the higher professional level. This requires a lot of hard work and effort and also comes with a vast amount of expenses. Not giving the players their hard earned money, which they need to continue everything they worked for, is unacceptable. This problem does not only concern us, but the entire gaming community. I can only ask that you take time to put yourself in our shoes and contemplate about how you would feel, and remember this could happens to you as well. Making mistakes is only human, but an organization as big as ACON5 should be mature enough to take responsibility for the mistakes they made, instead of just blaming the players. This is not just a petty LAN we’re talking about, we are talking about one of the biggest tournaments and organizations in E-sports today, being followed by thousands and thousands of gamers all over the world. Thank you all for reading this and listening to our side of the story and hopefully they will find a solution that will be positive for everybody, now the truth is out there.