Nadat we net het spaanse x6tence.AMD recente quake4 hebben gezien, is ook de Begrip organisatie over gegaan naar een quake4 team. Ook dit team begint met 3 spelers, namelijk de volgende: TeveT ScHiScH luxxiz Deze 3 mannen gaan ook naar het CPL Winter event in 2005, waar ze proberen een plek te bemachtigen. Ook de begrip organisatie heeft wat te zeggen over deze spelers, en over hun plannen voor het komende jaar.
"The Quake Series" has been famous for ages and in October the 18th; the new Edition of Quake finally arrived. Already before it was released, big Leagues like the Cyberathlete Proffesional League announced that Quake IV will be a part of their biggest Events. Quake 4 is going to be the big eSports Title next to Counterstrike and we will probably see Players from games like Painkiller, Quake3 and Unreal Tournament 2004 merge into the Scene. Today Begrip-Gaming is proud to announce their lineup for Quake 4. Rouven "ScHiScH" Falkewitz, a very famous eSports player in his country, just having merged over from the UT2004 InstaGib scene where he was one of the best players. He was a European Champion in his old game and has succesfully transfered his skills into his new title, Quake4. He has many times appeared on GIGA TV (A German Free Television Channel) and shown his amazing Railgun-Skills in there. He has his spot for the Winter CPL 2005 in Dallas. Michael "TeveT" Pettersson, a very known UT2004 TeamDeathMatch player. He is the 3rd best Dueller in Unreal Tournament 2004 in Scandinavia and also prooven his skill in Team Sweden's UT2004 Team Section. He already shown his skills in his new Game when he placed 2nd in the Team Dignitas QPad Cup, after having beaten good Quake3 players in the quarter- and semifinals. Just as ScHiScH he has his registered place on the Winter CPL 2005 in Dallas. Christoffer "luxxiz" Lozell, the Best Scandinavian Dueller in UT2004 will be playing the UT2004 1v1 EuroCup XII next to the Quake4 part at Begrip Gaming. In the past he managed to qualify for the ESWC 2004 Grand Final in Paris where he could not attend due to a sickness. As a part of this team of course he also has his place in the Dallas Winter CPL 2005. Begrip-Gaming is looking forward to a great cooperation with the Quake4 players and wishes the Team good luck at the Events and Cups.
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