Gisteren heeft er op xfire een chat met een aantal van de makers van CoD2 plaatsgevonden. De developers beantwoorden daar een hoop vragen en geven uitleg over verschillende dingen in CoD2.
Why do you change the health system in COD2 ? "We noticed that in CoD1, people would basicially stop playing the game to spend 2-3 mins to backtrack through the level and play "hide and go seek" with the health packs. This pulled players out of the immersion we have crafted. So for CoD2, we wanted to eliminate that break with the new health system, now players only have to pull out of the action for a few seconds, patch themselves up, and jump back into the action. Not only that, but quick regeneration also allows us to make the autosaves much more aggressive, because we don't have to worry about autosaving with the player at 5% health.
Je kunt het hele chatlog/interview hier downloaden (word file)