De Engelse speler Realf1re heeft besloten het Nederlandse CS team van forZe te verlaten. De hoofdreden is dat de communicatie niet genoeg was in het team, waardoor ze niet de teamplay konden hebben die ze nodig hadden om op hoog niveau te spelen. Realf1re heeft nu besloten het oude Engelse topteam CAution! weer op te richten. Een jaar of 2 geleden was dit team top3 in Engeland, en hij hoopt dat oude tijden herleven. Hun lineup; - DarryL - RattlesnK - w1cked - StoppA - Realf1re - Suffz Verder heb ik nog een kort interview met Realf1re afgenomen om enkele dingen toe te lichten.
Hey Realf1re! First off the most standard question, why did you decided to leave forZe? I left forZe because i didnt feel the team would work out. The team had good skill individually and some good experience also, but the communication was not good enough to have good enough teamplay to play at the level we wanted to play at. They have great potential and if they fix this problem they will own xDD Was the language a problem? The language wasnt a problem at all, as all dutch people speak pretty much perfect english. Even little flern could speak good english and he looks like hes only 13!! !:P <3 FlernooB :D :D:D So you decided to start up a new team, Caution!. Could you tell us a bit more about the players and the team? Well firstly, just want to say its not a "new" team, as i created the team about 2 and a half years ago. It was alive for 1 year and 5months and achieved alot in its time, and made it to top 2 in UK at 1 point. Now the players, they all come from a clan called Goldbrick, a UK team doing very well for themselves right now. They recently beat atr (2nd best team in uk) 19-11 with their lineup in Goldbrick. I fit into the lineup as FC and we decided to take on the name CAution! again because alot of people know about us and we can hopefully find good pcw's with the name and try and build on what was once a good name :D What do you want to archieve with this team? Well we got a LAN coming up on January 5th, and the first prize is 5000 pounds which is about 7000 - 8000 euros. And this LAN is held locally to us which is amazing for the team so we will be practicing hard for this. And the great thing is, that the top 8 clans will get good prize money so we are hoping to achieve a top4 spot at this our first LAN. After this we hope to achieve a stable lineup and a good level of competion ok, good luck with your new team! any shoutouts? Yea to say, thankyou for the kindness people showed to me at lan in Holland. All the good times i had with people (dDd,motionE,zvornik,muh,han-g,roachz,hitmania,nibor,nickm,craven,etc :) If Caution! get a good sponsor we'll be at a LAN in holland for sure. Cu soon guyz and come support us bitches! :P #CAution!