Onze collega’s van SK-Gaming hebben een groot interview gehouden met de Nederlandse Warcraft3 speler RotterdaM. In het interview hebben ze het onder andere over het mislopen van kwalificatie voor zowel de WCG als de WEG. Verder wordt er ook naar zijn mening gevraagd over zijn team, fnatic. Hieronder alvast een voorproefje van het interview:
Everybody knows that Grubby helped you a lot by practising and improving your gaming abilities with Orc, do you feel like without him you wouldn't reach the level which you are now ? Are you still practising with him or you founded other players to train with? Hard question which I can answer with yes and no. He helped me a lot with certain parts of this game which helped me a lot, but I also did a lot on my own and even when he said it won't work or it's not that good I tried to continue with it and improve the strategy. But I’m very thankful for the things that he taught me and I doubt other people could have done that. He could have used all that time for other stuff but he used it to help me and that is something I appreciate. I still play a lot with him but the difference now is that I can sometimes teach him some small things ^^, it's not spectacular but sometimes small tricks or other small stuff and it feels great to give something (even when its not much) back. Of course I also train with other people, mostly fnatic members cause I don’t like to play custom games in general and I prefer to play ladder, but the dischacking makes me unable to do that.
Het gehele interview kan je hier vinden