Zoals ik eerder deze week meldde zou de titelverdediger Begrip deelnemen aan de WEG 3. Helaas is daar nu verandering in gekomen. Op de website van Begrip was namelijk te lezen dat ze het geld van vorig seizoen nog niet ontvangen hebben. Daarom nemen ze niet deel aan seizoen 3.
It comes with great regret to inform everyone that Begrip CS will not be attending the third season of the WEG. Due to the fact that the prize money for winning Season 2 has not been received, as promised, we have officially declined the opportunity to attend season 3.
Yuni Lee, Manager of International Business Development for World eSports Games reageerde daar als volgt op:
What exactly happened in regards to Begrip not recieving their funds as stated in Begrip's statement? Regarding the delayed payout for the prize of Season 1 and Season 2, WEG had to negotiate with the governing offices of taxation and visa. For the prize of Season 1, it was delayed mainly because of visa and financial difficulties of WEG in the past, but it was all paid in early September. Because the taxation percentage is rather high to bear for winning players, we are still in negotiation with the taxation offices. Although the negotiation is not finished, WEG decided to pay the prize for Season 2 with the given tax rate since BeGrip has wanted to receive the prize money so that they can prepare for the upcoming Season 3. They told me they at least needed 1 month to prepare. I told them at the end of last week, WEG would pay the prize on October 5, which is today, with the given taxation particularly for Begrip since they desperately needed it right away. After a big discussion among players, manager, owners, etc of BeGrip, they sent me a letter saying Begrip is not able to attend, so WEG should respect their decision. We are sorry that we can't see them attending in WEG2005 Season. 3. There has been confusion in prize payouts. No public announcement in a written form was made but all rumors and verbal chats. WEG will make announcements in a written form or at least any winning player should ask the right person to get the right information.
Helaas neemt Begrip dus geen deel aan het derde seizoen van de World e-Sport Games