Valve heeft een persbericht de deur uit gedaan waarin zij aankondigen dat DoD: Source op 26 september in de winkels te koop zal zijn! De mensen die een silver of gold package HL2 gekocht hebben, kunnen hem vanaf die datum downloaden. Heb je dat niet, dan kan je hem voor een kleine 20 euro kopen.
Valve schreef:
DoD: Source takes the classic teamplay of DoD and expands the experience with Source, the engine technology Valve created for Half-Life. 2 and it's next generation of games. With this technology, DoD: Source offers state of the art graphics with optimized versions of popular maps and all new player, weapon and world models, plus support for HDR lighting. DoD: Source leverages the power of the Source engine by introducing advanced sound technology to provide a more immersive soundscape and integrated physics simulation technology for ragdolls and physically simulated objects throughout each map. DoD: Source will be available for pre-load and pre-order next week. Those who purchased the Half-Life 2 Silver or Gold Steam offers will receive a request to pre-load the game at this time and will receive access to play the moment the game is made available.