De Deense topclan Clan-IT, die afgelopen weekend nog NetworkingDay wist te winnen, heeft besloten uit de organisatie te stappen. Het team zal in het vervolg verder gaan onder de naam Asylum. Op de website van clan-it is een uitgebreide statement te lezen. De complete statement kun je hier vinden.
During this period of time we sacrificed a lot in money and time. Our experience was put to use in every way and all this allowed the team to attend the events and grow into the top Counter-Strike team they are now. We believed that it was only a matter of time until the Counter-Strike team would take the final next step of professional gaming with their excellent work done in playing this game. This comes rather surprising for us since we have just finalized negotiations with three leading industry companies and earning their trust at the time of signature. We doubt anyone would have dishonored these efforts in such a way like this. In hard times with player problems we were standing behind the team and supporting it all the way.
line-up - mJe - zonic - hpx - Galahat - Bloddy *update* De mannen van Asylum hebben een statement vrij gegeven. Deze is te lezen op aangezien ze zelf nog geen website hebben. Je kunt het statement hier vinden. Naar aanleiding van het statement heeft SK gaming een interview met zonic gehouden. Zonic interview