Clan IT heeft een aantal vragen gesteld aan 4K^Grubby en fnaticVo0 rondom de eSport prijzen 2005. Hierbij twee vragen:
Grubby, you recently attended the eSports Awards Ceremony last week where you picked up the award for Best WC3 Player. Did you feel confident when your name was announced on the list of nominees? Actually confidence has little to do with the list of nominees, as it had to do with the list of jury's. When I saw the people who'd vote, I knew that I'd win this award. Several of the jury members are close friends and others were easy to influence. You'd be surprised what free AT's can buy... Here is a man that needs no introduction. Recently you won not one but two eSports awards for " eSports Player of the Year " and " Newcomer of the Year ". How confident were you of winning when you first heard you were nominated? I kinda was expecting one win, and I knew my toughest opponent in the eSports player of the year award would be Grubby. Winning two awards is just awesome. I heard the newcomer of the year vote wasn't close at all, but the eSports player of the year was a really close fight between me and Grubby, which I luckily won
Klik op deze link voor de mini-interviews: Grubby & Vo0